Kitty Laser Pal

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Read all about our Kitty Laser Pal aka RoboCat Laser Toy


Happy Cat Home Alone

Kitty Workout on Autopilot

Does your kitty love the red dot too? 🔴 Cats love lasers! ...not like the ones in a disco but chasing the red dot around your living room.

Kitty Laser Pal will engage your cat to keep it fit, sharp and healthy. That's awesome when you are not at home or too tired to play. Otherwise, just have fun with your kitty using Kitty Laser Pal in handheld mode 😺



Your Cat's New Favorite Toy


😸 Make Your Cat Happy 

Kitty Laser Pal appeals to cat's natural hunting instinct. The chasing game makes kitty feel alive, authentic and fulfilled.


🕹️ Team Up And Lead Your Kitty

Enjoy playing with your feline in handheld (manual) mode


💪 Keep Your Kitty Fit & Healthy

Our device gets your feline the needed exercise to keep sharp mentally and maintain a healthy body. This is especially important for cats who spend most time indoors.

⌚ Free Time & Peace of Mind

While you are at work or get stuff done at home, you know your kitty is having fun.


😼 Prevent Naughty Behavior

Kitty Laser Pal avoids boredom to keep your cat from thinking about doing naughty things e.g. to your furniture.


Kitty Laser Pal (aka RoboCat Laser Toy)
Top Cat-Sitting Features


⏱️ Optimized Workout Schedule

Automatic mode switches between 15 minutes of engagement and 3 hours of rest. This has proven to be the optimal ratio to keep your kitten entertained and also give it enough time for naps.

😺 High Acceptance Rates

Cats just love laser pointers. Most cats tested with are up for a little chase the red dot game right away.

👮 100% Safe for Cats

The weak energy transmitted cannot hurt your cat, even looking directly at the device (which is also prevented by design as the LED changes angles constantly and only stops for brief moments). 

🤫 Extra Silent Motor

The silent motor is a very important feature to not distract cats who have very sensitive ears.

📐 Adjustable Angles

Adjust laser angle to aim at a certain aera where you want your cat to play (this can include walls, too).

🔌 Power Supply

Kitty Laser Pal can be used with USB cable or batteries (4xAA, not included).



    Raving Reviews

    Select the Review tab above this description to check out customer ratings. Nearly all of our customers really love Kitty Laser Pal and leave enthusiastic reviews!

    We had a few people ask about the color availability of Kitty Laser Pal. At the moment it is just available in white (despite seeming grey/silverish on some pictures).



    Kitty Pal Usage Tips

    Some clever cats do figure out where the red dot comes from - or are just plain curious about the Kitty Laser Pal. So make sure to place Kitty Laser Pal where your kitty can't reach it, so it does not get knocked over. 😸

    Preferably use Kitty Laser Pal in the morning/evening or darken the room slightly to make the red dot stand out and tease your kitty even more.



    What's included in the package?

    ☑️ 1 x Kitty Laser Pal - LED Toy 
    ☑️ 1 x USB Cable
    ☑️ 1 x Manual



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