Cat Toy Wiggle Fish - Funny Wagging Kitty Play Plush Toy

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Cat Toy Funny Fish


Kitties Love Wiggly Fishies

Our new Wiggle Fish Cat Toy is a heaps of fun to play with! Love funny and cute cat videos? Check out some kittys having fun with the wagging plush fishies:


Get yours... well your kitty's new favorite plush toy now! By the way, the super soft plush cat bed is also available in our store :) 


Automatic Moving Fish 🐡 Toy for Cats  


😹 Fishie Kitty Toy is so much Fun!

It's so much fun for your cat to play with and for you to watch. The cat kicker toy flaps to life once playtime begins, reacting to chews, bats and bites. The built-in motion sensor kicks into action and the cat teaser moves in a wiggling way, encouraging your cat to play. Definitely send us a video that we can post on instagram! 


💪 Keep Your Kitty Fit & Healthy

Our Wiggle Fish Kitty Toy gets your feline the needed exercise to keep sharp mentally and maintain a healthy body. This is especially important for cats who spend most time indoors.


🐟 Lifelike Fish Design Cat's Love

Using a 3D printing process the life-like appearance and behavior of the toy makes it such a great game companion for your kitty. The realistic fish simulation of the vividly moving fish toy looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged.


🌈 Beautiful Species of Fishies

We have 5 Wagging Cat Toy fish species available: Crucian, Grass Carp, Salmon, Silver Arowara and Gold Fish.

🔌 USB Power Supplied Toy

The Cat Toy Fish is USB chargeable which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries. USB cable is included in the package. The inside chargeable motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the plush toy. 


🧱 Save & Durable Materials

This wagging kitty toy is made of durable cotton plush, safe and non-toxic for your kitten to play with every day.


🚿 Easy to Clean Kitty Toy

Open zipper, take out the motor then just rinse at the sink or use washer on low temperature. Done!


Clean your Cat Toy Fish: remove batteries and hand or machine wash! Image of plush fish being rinsed at sink

💡 Wiggle Fish Cat Toy Usage Tips

Our waggin fishie has very high acceptance rates among cats! However, if your kitty is afraid of the sound the motor makes, just turn it off for a few days so your cat can get used to the toy before turning it back on.


Raving Cat Toy Reviews


Scroll all the way down for a gallery and to check out customer ratings. Nearly all of our customers really love the cat toy fish and write enthusiastic reviews!


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