About The Revolutionary NoCatLitter Mat

DID YOU KNOW THAT... Just like we get sweaty palms, cats can get sweaty paws. While people have numerous sweat glands to help them cool down, cats only have these glands in their paw pads. Because kitty paws are small, they don’t really work as an efficient cooling system. This is the main cause of cat paws getting sticky and subsequently picking up all the excess litter. To solve this problem we came up with the NoCatLitter Mat. This kitty friendly solution works as a litter magnet and will be you and your cat's new best friend! The NoCatLitter Mat is crafted in honeycomb-like pattern specially designed to collect excess litter accumulated under your kitty's paws. It's made out of a durable material allowing it to withstand all kinds of curious and playful cat behavior. WATER REPELLENT The NoCatLitter Mat comes with a special water repellent feature which allows for a super easy cleanup.