Cat Bed - Kitty Nap Nest

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Most Comfy Cat Bed 


Your kitty's new favorite bed for the best cat sleep! 


Cats always find the most comfortable places to sleep, don't they? On your bed, a sunny spot or the fresh laundry (opposite to fur color of course). Your kitty will fall in love with our beautifully designed cat bed's unparalleled comfort! 
Our Kitty Nap Nest is the softest plush cat bed around and a great place for your kitty to relax on. It is extremely fluffy on top and has a non-slip waterproof and easy to clean bottom.
Feeling so good, it will make you want to snuggle next to your feline! It will easily become your cat's favorite nap nest.

😸 Cat Psyche

Our warm and fluffy cat bed reminds your kitty of it's mother's fur coat! It's soft and deep folds allow your cat to snuggle and burrow it's head. Paired with the raised rim this results in feeling safe, relieving stress and getting deep restful sleep for optimal mental health.

💪 Cat Health

Cats love to curl up! The round shape is ideal for cats to curl up, which is anatomically a great way to relax for felines, feeling protected from all sides. The super-soft middle cushion is easy on your kitties joints and muscles while the rim can provide head and neck support.

🌈 Beautiful Colors

Available in beautiful colors that integrate seamlessly into any home or provide your room with that special color decoration accent if you choose to: Antique Pink, Pink, Purple, White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Apricot.


🚿 Easy to Clean

Can be cleaned using washer on low temperature / delicate setting. We recommended drying in the dryer immediately after washing (rather than air drying).

🧱 Non-Slip Bottom

The durable non-slip waterproof bottom helps the bed to stay in place despite active kitties jumping on and off.


💡 Cat Bed Usage Tips

Cats love soft surfaces and want to feel safe. Place your cat bed in the corner of a room, preferably close to a heat source or in a sunny spot. Putting the fluffy bed in or below shelves is also a great idea to make your cat feel safe and protected. 

As with everything new, give your cat a few days to adapt to the new item in your home. Gently introduce it to your cat and give it some quiet time to explore for itself.

📐 Available Sizes

S: 15.75" / 40cm (appr.) Suits for pets of up to 4.4 lb / 2kg
M: 19.69" / 50cm (appr.) Suits for pets of up to 8.8 lb / 4kg
L: 23.62" / 60cm (appr.) Suits for pets of up to 17.6 lb / 8kg
Height: 7.87" / 20cm (appr.)



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