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 Best Litter Catching Mat!

NoCatLitter™ Mat - Honeycomb Edition

Did you know that just like we get sweaty palms, cats can get sweaty paws? This is the main cause of cat paws getting sticky, picking up litter that spreads in the bathroom and beyond.

The Cat Litter Solution

Finally, an easy solution to capture that loose litter mess all in one place. The revolutionary NoCatLitter Mat will help eliminate the frustration and constant cleanup so you and your kitty can spend more valuable time playing and cuddling.

After a few days of your cat walking around and leaving litter, simply open the mat and deposit all unwanted litter either in the garbage or recycle back into the litter box. Finally: Clean floors around the litter box and beyond!


Functionalit of the cat litter mat explained. How the litter crumbs are being caught, details about the material and how to clean.



Why get our NoCatLitter™ Mat?


⌚ A Litter Mat Saves Time and Money

No need to sweep/vacuum the bathroom floor multiple times per day! Recycle cat litter into the box and save money for new cat litter.

🏆 Our Litter Mat Features a Superior Design

The new honeycomb pattern captures loose litter, dirt and other debris more effectively than previous versions (diamond pattern). It can also deal with larger pellets than it's predecessor.

😺 High Cat Acceptance Rates

The soft rubber material (EVA) entices your cat to play and knead the flexible surface at the same time cleaning their paws.

🚿 Our Mat Is Easy to Clean

Just recycle the collected litter back into the litter box or empty in the trash can. Every now and then give it a rinse under the shower or in the tub.

💪 It is Made to Last

Our revolutionary litter gathering mat is made out of a sturdy yet flexible rubber allowing it to withstand both your cat's occasional destructive behavior and other natural impacts. It is engineered to be both functional and be aesthetically pleasing: Available in Black, Gray, Brown, Blue and Pink

🌳 And it's Eco-Friendly

Our Mat is made from resourceful materials: Oxford cloth and EVA-foam (ethylene vinyl acetate). The latter can be recycled thermally (with optimal combustion, only CO2 and H2O are released).




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Quick Tip


Depending on the size you order, the mat is being folded for shipping. We recommend putting it flat on the floor with a heavy item on top for some time to straighten it out. To speed up the process you can wash / soak in water beforehand.


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