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Adorable Kitty Cat Headphones


Cutest Cat Ear Headset Hands Down!

The most beautiful cat headphones in the universe! Listen to music or receive calls kitty style! 😺 Enjoy the great sound of our sublime cat ear headphones. The wireless earphones' ears light up if you like and keep playing forever with the 400mAh battery. If the battery goes flat, don't fear! Keep listening using the included aux cable! 😽💕

Cats are plain awesome, the coolest, sleekest and most graceful animals to walk this planet. Join us in celebrating your feline side, showing your love for cats, your good sense of humor and stylish fashion taste. Besides super cute looks, our sweet cat ear headphones are also easy to use and feature the latest tech:




Cat Headphones Are Awsome!

Kitty Tunes Headphone Benefits and Specs


😺 Great Looks!

Super cute kitty style! Wear your cat headphones proudly - meow! Keep it plain and beautiful or go for full effect lighting up your sweet cat ears!
For true cat ladies only 😹 the cat ears can`t be removed! 

🎵 4 Ways of Listening to Your Favorite Songs

Bluetooth 5.0 (wireless!) 
Aux Cable (life saver if batteries run dry)
Mirco SD Card (also known as TF Card - TransFlash)
Radio Tuner


🍑 Comfortable Headphones

The ear muffs are very soft and pleasant to wear even longer stretches of time. Wear the cat headphones on the go or while on your desk.


🥳 Never Stop! 

Have you ever listened to your favorite song on your wireless headphones when the batteries ran out? 🙀 Don't fear! With the included aux cable you can continue to listen!


👐 Hands Free Calling

Cat ear headphones with mic! The included microphone allows for hands-free calling of your best friends... well, you can call your boss hands free too 😹


📐 Adjustable Size

Telescopic ear muffs: Pull and extend the earphones to match your head size for comfortable wearing. Fold the cat headphones to fit your bag (if you happen to have to take em off).

🤫 CVC Noise Cancelling

Unparalleled speaking/listening experience with Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology. 

🔋 High Capacity Battery

The battery capacity of 400mAh will go a long way to keep you entertained! 
Cat Headphone Working time: 12 hrs (about 7 hrs with LED lights turned on).

🔌 Standard Power Supply

Reload your headset with the most common USB cable so you never run out of power, even when losing the original cable.


    🌳 Saves Trees

    Our Kitty Tunes come without a retail box, thus saving cardboard (made from trees), reducing waste and carbon emissions (smaller parcel shipping).
    If you are planning to use our cat headphones as a Birthday gift and rather want a box, please let us know and we can make it happen, too.


    Kitty Headphones Usage Tips

    Quick tip: to turn off the glowing ear lights, just press the M button for a few seconds (that saves lots of energy, thus you can listen to your favorite songs wirelessly about twice as long!)

    Here's an overview of the available buttons and their function on our Kitty Tunes cat ear headphones: 


    Kitty Tunes cat ear headphones - Buttons explained


    If the kitty headset feels small, don't forget to test extending the ear muffs like so: 


    cat headphones - Kitty Tunes - adjustable earmuffs to fit any headsize



    Raving Reviews

    Select the Review tab above this description to check out customer ratings. Nearly all of our customers really love our Kitty Tunes Cat Headphones and leave enthusiastic reviews!




    What's included in the package?

    🎧 1 x Kitty Tunes Cat Headphones
    🔌 1 x USB Cable
    🔌 1 x audio cable
    📘 1 x Manual




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