Funny Cat Bed - Fishy Window Hammock

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Funny Cat Bed Window Hammock

Super Cute And Funny Fish Shapes!


😸 Make Your Cat Happy

Super comfy bed for your favorite feline! Cats just love being on top of things. Your kitty can snuggle & hide withing while still having a great view on the window perch. 


💪 Easy to Attach & Sticks Forever

 The window hammock is very easy to install - just use the sucker cups to attach to any clean glass pane. The cups will stick like glued.


🏡 Save Space In Your Appartment

Everybody has some space in front of the window! Get rid of big cat beds clogging up the floor, making you trip and fall. 


🚿 Easy to Clean

Just put the removable cushion into washing machine. To take care of the corpus, simply clean with a damp cloth or just wash in washing machine (on delicate). 


🌳 Eco-Friendly & Durable

The high-quality EVA material is resistant to water, wear and bites, cannot be easily damaged. The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate can be recycled thermally (with optimal combustion, only CO2 and H2O are released).


Cat Hammock Usage Tips  

Make sure your hilarious kitty hammock is easy to reach for your cat to climb in and out of. Test different locations on the window to make sure you find the spot where your feline feels most comfortable.
If the suckers ever come off, clean glass and suckers and re-attach using plenty of pressure.




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