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    Our Mission
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Why Shop With Us?

🦸 Because YOU are a Superhero!

YOU rescue endangered big cats 😽🐯
YOU help people in need 😽😊
YOU plant a tree with every order 😸🌳

Because we care about you & your kitty 😺❤️
Because we 🚚 ship for free and have a 👍 100% satisfaction guarantee (60 days money back!)

Our Mission

Kitty Cat Home

"Just feeling at home here with all those kawaii cat products - mostly shopping here because of the big cat charity support"

Melinda S.

Cat Headphones

"It did take a while for the headphones to arrive - but my wife loves them so much. Thank you!"

Fredrick C.

Customer Service

"Thanks a lot for helping me with all my questions during the shipping and explaining the functionality of my new headphones. Great customer service!"

Sarah M.

Friendly Staff

"So nice to shop here - bought twice and will come back for sure. Cutest cat items 😻"

Sabine R.

Great Cat Care

"Affordable cat care items! I got the litter mat (which works great btw) and the soft grooming gloves."

Deliah N.

Gift card

Looking for something for your cat loving friend or spouse? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!

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