Felini who?

Felini – Cute & Funny Cat



Felini Cat Space Hero

Felini the cat has a mission! Well actually two: 1. Fly to the moon & 2. Save the big cats!

First one is ticked off! Check out Felini’s Dear Moon Video.
The second one is a bit harder and will need the help of Panthera.org. Ten percent of all profit generated by Felini will go to that charity (another 10% to save little humans, too).

Felini Turbofluff Junior is not only courageous but also handsome… well downright adorable! Have a look at his channel intro on youtube:


Funny Cat Videos and Images 

Felini lays an egg

If you are into funny cat videos/gifs/pictures, that’s covered too: Felini embarks on all sorts of humerus antics. Ever wanted to dress up your cat as elephant? Or rather just see it relax on a lazy caturday afternoon watching his favorite bird show? Cold and rainy days do inspire Felini to practice his sleeping skills – training for the next nap-athon.

But you really should now mess with him! Felini has kitten superpowers beyond measure… Watch out, here comes Catzilla!




Just in his dreams of course. He is the most lovely character on the planet – if he’s not hungry or tired that is. So lets just feed him well and he is going to be tame and cute like a fluffy kitten can be. Hiding in your suitcase or writing a love-letter on your old typewriter. 🐱💻


Cutest Kitty Cat Felini with funny fur marks

Lot’s of love, meows and purrs,
Felini =^..^= ~

For more Felini kitty goodness check out giggle-n-give.org/felini, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

Felini who?

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